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    A Tranquil Avalanche

    Embark on a serene journey with Olaf, a strain celebrated for its immersive experience. Imagine the delicate layering of distinctive pine-flavored terpenes, accompanied by gassy undertones, instantly transporting you to Olaf's forest. The buds, adorned with frosted trichomes, gleam like glistening snowballs, promising a tranquil and blissful state during Olaf's calm winter party.

    Strain Name: Olaf

    Type: Indica        THCa: 23%  CBG: 1%


    Olaf is an Indica strain resulting from the crossbreeding of Snowman and CaliSunset genetics. This hybrid promises an immersive and tranquil experience, bringing together the characteristics of its parent strains to create a serene state of bliss, akin to enjoying Olaf's calm winter party.

     Cultivated by: Prescribd 


    Olaf induces a relaxed, tingly, and undisturbed state, evoking a sense of frozen calmness. This Indica strain offers a tranquil, peaceful, and overall relaxed experience.


    Olaf delights the senses with an aromatic profile featuring notes of pepper and cloves, subtly intertwined with a hint of fruity sweetness.

    Terpene Profile: Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Humulene


    Olaf, cultivated by the expert Prescribd Cultivation Team, is meticulously cared for, maintaining the highest standards of quality and excellence.

    Dried flower is primarily ingested via inhalation. Activation time is roughly about 5 minutes and can last up to a few hours.

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