Total Holistic Care by Chitiva

Let's Have Fun

Not a Typical Dispensary!

Escape the Detention Vibes!

Tired of feeling like you're in cannabis detention at typical dispensaries? No more being bossed around or hurried out.

At Chi’Tiva, we've redefined the cannabis experience. Our spaces are destinations. Immerse yourself in a relaxed, welcoming environment where edible consumption is not just allowed – it's encouraged.

Don't Get High Alone!

Purchasing from a typical dispensary often means heading home alone to consume. It's a lonely experience that stifles the potential for shared connection.

Our space is designed for a good time, filled with laughter, games, good music, and classic movies. Join us at Chi'Tiva, where good company enhances every moment.

Break the Stigma!

In a world where misconceptions about cannabis still linger, stepping into a dispensary can feel like confronting judgment.

Join us in the movement to break free from stereotypes and discover the true potential of the cannabis plant in a space that champions openness, healing, and community.