Chitiva Loyalty

Welcome to Chitiva Lounge & Dispensary Loyalty Program: Elevating Your Experience

At Chitiva Lounge & Dispensary, we celebrate the cannabis community by offering a loyalty program that enriches your journey with us. Every purchase and event participation brings you closer to exclusive rewards, making every visit a step towards greater benefits.

How Points Accumulate:

Earn points with every dollar spent on our premium THC products and by participating in our in-store events.

Points are added to your loyalty account immediately after each transaction, so you can start enjoying the benefits right away.

Reward Tiers:

Redeem your points for discounts on your purchases:

$5 discount costs 275 points.

$10 discount costs 550 points.

$20 discount costs 1100 points.

Tier Levels:

Your loyalty earns you more than just rewards; it elevates your status within our community:

Silver Tier (0+ points): Welcome to the program! Start earning points with your first purchase.

Gold Tier (500+ points): Enjoy enhanced benefits and exclusive offers beyond the silver tier.

Platinum Tier (1000+ points): Our top tier offers the pinnacle of rewards and exclusive access in appreciation of your loyalty.

Why Join?

Earn points on every interaction, whether you're shopping or attending an event.

Enjoy exclusive access to new products, special editions, and members-only sales.

Redeem points for discounts and tailor your rewards to your cannabis preferences.

Receive a special reward on your first day when you sign up at our lounge and dispensary.

Become a Member Today: Joining is straightforward and instantly rewarding. Start your journey at Chitiva Lounge & Dispensary today, and let every visit elevate your cannabis experience.

Chitiva Lounge & Dispensary: Where loyalty meets cannabis excellence at every tier.