Celebrate 7/10 National Dab Day with ChiTiva! 🌌✨

Celebrate 7/10 National Dab Day with ChiTiva! 🌌✨

Posted on June 26 2024, By: Sidney Wilson

What's the secret behind 7/10? 🛢️✨

7/10 is a special day for enthusiasts and those curious about the world of OIL products. Flip 7/10 upside down and you get "OIL," a nod to the variety of concentrates and extracts available. Looking for an exciting event that's vibrant and inclusive? Chi'Tiva is the place to be!

Join us on July 10th!

We’ve crafted an event that’s all about community, enjoyment, and great deals. Sip on our unique cosmic slushies like the "Oil Drop Delight" and the "Resin Refresh." Each drink is a refreshing treat designed to cool you off and add a bit of fun to your day.

Event Highlights:

  • Exclusive Deals: Discover special promotions on our top OIL products. Save big and stock up on your favorites!
  • Cosmic Slushies: Indulge in our exclusive slushies, perfect for beating the summer heat.
  • Prize Wheel: Spin to win exciting prizes and discounts with any purchase.


Ticket Options:

  1. Free Ticket - $0: Includes a 15% discount on all OIL products.
  2. Slushy Spin Pass - $10: Includes one regular size slushy and a prize wheel spin with any purchase.
  3. Oil Day Refresh Pass - $25: Includes one cosmic size slushy, a prize wheel spin with any purchase, and a 10% discount on OIL products.


Chi'Tiva Wicker Park:

Grab Your Ticket for Chi'Tiva Wicker Park

Chi'Tiva South Loop:

Grab Your Ticket for Chi'Tiva South Loop

Chi'Tiva Worth:

Grab Your Ticket for Chi'Tiva Worth

Join us at Chi'Tiva for an unforgettable 7/10 Oil Day celebration! Click the links above to register for your preferred location and secure your spot!


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