Ice Cream

Our Ice Cream is made using liquid nitrogen.  Liquid Nitrogen has a temperature of -321* F when dispensed; the freezing process occurs when liquid nitrogen enters into contact with the cream, changing the cream temperature from 41* F to an ideal Ice Cream temperature of 17*.

We extract cannabinoids from the plant using Ethanol extraction to get distillate.  Cannabinoids are hydrophobic (water-hating) oily substances that are not water-soluble.  To make cannabinoids water-compatible , we utilize ultrasonic cavitation technology to  first (1) break the cannabinoid down to a particle size of under 40 nanometers and then (2) bind the cannabinoid to a surfactant to create a nano-emulsification effect.  From there, we mix and infuse our base cream mix with nano-emulsified distillate.

The freezing process is so fast that the cream doesn't have time to form ice crystals larger than forty microns, which creates a unique creamy mouthfeel texture.